Asako Naomi (Retired)

Beautiful, bookish courtier from the Phoenix school


Name: Asako Naomi
Clan: Phoenix
School: Asako Courtier
Rank: 1
Insight: 146

Earth 2
Stamina: 2
Willpower: 2

Water 2
Strength: 2
Perception: 3

Fire 3
Agility: 3
Intelligence: 3

Air 3
Reflexes: 2
Awareness: 3

Void 3

TN to be Hit: 10

Initiative: 3k1

Wounds: 4/10

Courtier (Awareness): Political Maneuvering 2 (school)
Etiquette (Awareness): Conversation 2 (school)
Lore: History (Intelligence): Battles 2 (school)
Meditation (Void): Zangi 2 (school)
Tea Ceremony (Void) 2 (school)
Theology (Intelligence) 2 (school)
Investigation (Intelligence) 2 (school)
Perform (Awareness): Sing 1
Storytelling (Awareness) 2
Lore (Intelligence): Heraldry 2
Lore (Intelligence): Law 3
Lore (Intelligence): Ancestor Lore 2
Lore (Intelligence): Naga 2
Kenjutsu (Agility): 1

Glory: 1
Honor: 3.3
Status: 4
Shadowlands: 0.1

Wakazashi (Poor Quality), Tanto (Poor Quality), 2 Kimonos (Very proper) with Sandals, Steed, Travelling Pack: Finger of Jade, Personal Seal, Blanket, Coin Purse, 1 week rations, Tea Set, Statue of Benten, Pillow Book of Songs and Poetry, Pet Songbird Aya
Exquisite Kimono of Emerald Magistrate (Free Raise on Social Skills)
Exquisite Kimono (Practically negligee) (Gift from Toshimoko) (Free Raise to distract those attracted to you)
Exquisite Kimono (Gift from Toshimoko) (Free Raise on Social Skills)
Go Set
Courtier Fan with Butterflies
Decorative Fan with Phoenix Mon
Sake Cup (red and gold with Phoenix Mon)
Training Gee

Bedroom: Several decorative fans, several decorative Red and Gold pillows, Red blanket with gold accents, Book shelves,
Simple red and gold tatami mat, small stand with statue of Benten and one of Ancestors, several candles and incense (for meditation)

Koku: 65
Bu: 6
Zeni: 10

School Ranks:
1: Temple of the Soul – In contested social skill rolls which you do not initiate, roll 1 extra die per school rank; the Experience point cost to raise Lore skills is -1 to a minimum of 1

Message From the Gods – An ancestor vanished for a month and returned with what he claimed was a message from the gods. Gain 3 ranks in any Lore skill but also a 4 point Obligation.

Fortune’s Forsake Me – Orphan – You were orphaned as a baby and left of the steps of a shrine as a baby during a bad Thunderstorm. No one is sure of your true Clan lineage, and you have had to work twice as hard for everything you have earned. You gain the Adopted disadvantage for free, and two of your items are of Poor Quality.

(3) Voice – 1 Free raise on all skill rolls in which speaking is the focus

(3) Benten’s Blessing – When attempting to persuade someone keep 1 extra die, 2 if they are attracted to you

(2) Dangerous Beauty – +2 rolled dice on deceit rolls made against the opposite sex

(+2) Soft Hearted – The thought of taking a life is almost unknown to you; Willpower TN 20 to kill another person; in addition, if you actually take a life your TNs raise by 10 due to your guilt

(+3) Coward – When facing those with a higher status, glory or a Shadowlands creature TNs increase by 5

(+2) Hostage – Was a “guest” of the Crane for a short time as a very young girl

(free) Adopted – You or your parents were adopted by another clan.

(free) Obligation – (Gm’s Discretion) worth 4 points

Experience Traits:
Stand Firm/Face Fear


When Naomi was still small, about four years old, she was sent to live with the Crane for almost a year. She had no idea that she was really a hostage of her host family while the Phoenix Clan attempted to negotiate peace between the Crane and Scorpion during a border dispute. It was a minor issue, of little import to the empire at large, but it took quite a while to reach an agreement. Her time spent with the Crane eventually led to her interest in singing.

When she returned from the Crane, her family let her know a little about her secret past. She had been found on the steps of a shrine, abandoned in the middle of the night during a thunderstorm. The shrine had been in the Phoenix territories and she was taken in by the Asako family and raised as their own. However, many in the Phoenix Clan were unhappy with her adoption, and with the lack of knowledge about her true heritage. This would lead to difficulties in her training later in life.

As she grew, it was clear that she was beautiful, inside and out, with musical voice that made everyone listen when she spoke. Rather then take more pride in her appearance or try to use her looks to gain an advantage, she turned to books and knowledge. Though she practiced the arts of speaking and courtly grace, her true love was knowledge. The poured through books and learned about a great many things, including Law and Heraldry.

Though she did well in her studies, she had to work much harder then the others. This proved to be more of an advantage then a hindrance however. She was able to focus more on her studies and strove to be better then her peers.

She has joined the Emerald Magistrates through great strength of will and blessings of the Fortunes. She only hopes to make her adopted family, Daimyo, and the Emerald Champion proud.

Asako Naomi (Retired)

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