Bayushi Sugai

Underhanded, violent Scorpion Samurai


Bayushi Sugai was first met during the Topaz Championship. He was a late entrant, allowed to enter late through his aunt Bayushi Kachiko’s request. During the championship, there was much to support the theory that Sugai had been cheating, but with no definitive proof, and the fact he was under the protection of Bayushi Kachiko made it impossible to accuse him.

The night between the first and second day of the championship was marked with a feast where The Emperor Hantei XXXVIII, Hantei Sotori, Bayushi Shoju, Bayushi Kachiko, Doji Satsume, Ichiro Akitomo (Badger clan daimyo), Akodo Toturi, Matsu Tsuke and Kakita Toshimoko are all discussing business. Once the group left for the evening, they hear a battle and screams. Investigating, they find Sugai wiping blood from his sword. After gathering for a trial, Sugai is commended on his quick action to dispatch ninja who murdered Ichio Akitomo. Otaku Shiko speaks out, calling him a liar and murderer. before she can regret her words, she is challenged and cut down in an Iaijutsu duel.

On the second day of the championship, the “obvious” cheating of Sugai continues, culminating in an ambush by ronin during the Hunting challenge, where none but Sugai manage to bring in the Tsi fish eggs. Sugai invites Reiko to join them in their celebratory meal.

On the final day of the championship is the Iaijutsu duel. Sugai is paired against Kazuma and loses, vowing revenge.


Bayushi Sugai

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