Kuni Witch hunter/Investigator


Clan: Crab
Family: Kuni
School: Kuni Witch Hunter (3)
Advanced Path:
Rank: 3
Insight: 192
Glory: 9.0 Honor: 4.3 Status: 4.5

Earth: 3
Water: 3
Fire: 3
Air: 3 (Reflexes; 4, Awareness: 3)
Void: 3

Athletics: 2
Defense: 4
Hunting: 2
Medicine(Herbalism, poison): 3
Lore: Shadowlands: 3
Kenjutsu: 5
Investigation: 3
Etiquette: 2
Iaijutsu: 3
Spellcraft: 1
Meditation: 1
Battle: 1
Spell Craft 1
Meditation 1
Battle 1
Knives 1
Maho 1
Kyujutsu 1
Courtier 3
Horsemanship 1

Mastery Abilities:
Iaijutsu(3): May focus an additional time
Defense(3): may go into full defense posture at the beginning of the round

Sacred Weapon(Kaiu Blade): 5. 3k3 katana, ignores 1pt of carapace, cannot be broken.
Strength of the Earth: 4

Insensitive: 2(bought off)
Sworn Enemy: 2 (Yasuki Wakinaro)
Dark Secret: 5 (Immediate family fell to the taint)
Fascination(Shadowlands lore): 1
Scars:-1k1 on certain social rolls

Heritage: An ancestor had a glorious death in an Iaijutsu duel. 1 rank Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu.

Koku: 14 Bu: 3 Zeni: 21

Daisho, 4 Fingers of jade, Jade pendant of Status, Traveling Pack: Makeup kit, Coin purse, chop sticks, Small hand mirror, 1 week of rations, Spare kimono and sandals. 3 Vials of Warpaint. Kubi Bukuro. Walking Stick, Medicine kit(1 Koku), Tonto*

School Techniques:
Kuni Witch Hunter:
(1) To Strike the Darkness: The witch hunter has learned how to block out all distractions when facing an enemy. You add twice your Air Ring to the result of all your Initiative rolls. When attacking an enemy with the Shadowlands Taint, you need only call 2 Raises to gain an additional attack on him (instead of 4 Raises).

(2) To see The Darkness: The Witch Hunter becomes attuned to the signs of Elemental corruption. When interacting with others, you can make a Contested Awareness/Etiquette Roll against the target to see if
he shows any indications of being a potential maho-tsukai or shows any psychological signs of the Taint. By calling a Raise, you can prevent the subject from realizing he has let something slip. Additionally, if you spend a Void Point, you can make an Awareness/Lore: Shadowlands Roll against a TN of 25 to sense the presence and proximity of the Taint anywhere within 150 ft. You cannot sense Taint in specific individuals, but you do gain a general idea of where it is.

(3) To Ride the Darkness: The Witch Hunter’s particular understanding of the Taint gives him insight into how best to kill a Tainted foe. When making an unarmed or melee attack, you keep an additional number of dice equal to the target’s Shadowlands Taint Rank. You may also spend a Void Point to reduce your Wound Rank Penalty
by your School Rank for the duration of the current skirmish. Finally, you gain a bonus equal to your Earth Ring to your TN to Be Hit.


Born of the Kuni family, Sato has always held the duty of the Crab dear, and the duty of the Kuni even more so. Trained in the Witch Hunters as his Daimyo saw fit for his inquisitive nature. He was not for making friends easily, and while in his training he happened to uncover and expose a tainted clansman. The samurai was handled accordingly, though his son was outraged at Sato and swore to ruin him. As Sato has grown he has all but forgotten the looming fact, that his Parents and older siblings had all succumbed to the Taint in their own way orphaning Sato. His Uncle Kuni Odani took him in and began his training at the family Daimyo’s direction. With his orphaning furthering his hatred for the shadowlands, it has also focused Sato’s natural Curiosity into a fascination for knowledge to destroy the Shadowlands.


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