Holidays and Festivals

Ryoko Owari – Spring – The First Boar:
Hunting rights are rather limited to the citizens of the city. Every Spring, nobles compete to fell the first boar, with the prize being extra hunting rights to the Samurai who manages. Stag hunting is off limits until such time as a Boar is slain.

Month of the Hare/Sun (March)
1st – Oshagatsu (New Year’s Day)
18th – Festival of Togashi

Month of the Dragon/Moon (April)
13th – 7-5-3 Festival

23rd – Cherry Blossom Festival

Month of the Serpent/Hantei (May)
Ryoko Owari – 8th – Porridge Stick Day: Women all over the city, from all walks of life, carry porridge sticks to smack their friends bottoms. Men are not supposed to participate. It is considered proper to only hit those of your own (or lesser) station with affection.

25th – Doll and Kite Festival

Month of the Horse/Akodo (June)
3rd-9th – Chrysanthemum Festival

20th – Festival of Lady Shinjo

Month of the Goat/Doji (July)
28th – Festival of Lord Bayushi

Month of the Monkey (Shiba) (August)
Ryoko Owari – Full Moon (lasts several days) Festival of Giving: Taxes are collected during this month, and by the Full Moon, the nobles are feeling quite generous. It is customary to exchange gifts during this time period. On the first day of the festival, a King or Queen is elected. The next day, the King or Queen oversees the exchanging of gifts. Everyone past their gempuku is expected to participate. For every gift that is given to someone, the giver must also give a gift to “Ruler” who holds these gifts in trust. The King or Queen chooses the “Best Giver” (this can be for any number reasons, including most gifts given, best gift given, or most gifts given to those who received no gifts, etc). This person then has his choice of gifts from the pile. The rest are given out or kept by the Ruler at his/her discretion.

1st – Festival of Lord Shiba

8th – Setsuban Festival

Month of the Rooster/Bayushi (September)
1st – Festival of Lady Doji and Lord Kakida

2nd – Kanto Festival

Month of the Dog/Shinjo (October)
28th – Bon Festival

Month of the Boar/Hida (November)
3rd – Festival of Hida

9th – Festival of the River of Stars

Month of the Rat/Togashi (December)
7th – Festival of Moon’s Rath

Month of the Ox/Fu Leng (January)
Ryoko Owari – 1st – Liberation Day: A day of feasting and open celebration. Each quarter chooses a group of men to dress in wooden and paper representations of Crab mempo and armor. A prosesion begins at Moment’s Edge Bridge and works it way to Goblin’s Rest Road, then on to the Gate of Oni’s Teeth. Along the way the men exchange their gear for drinks, food, tokens, trinkets, tobacco, kisses, etc. They are naked by the time they reach the gate. There they are given heavy stones and are supposed to march to the Tower of the East Eye to stack their stones. Most do not make it.
A traditional food for this festival is crab stewed in sake, it is eaten from its shell.

Month of the Tiger/Ryoshan (February)
4th – Shouting Festival

15th – Festival of Akodo

28th – Toshi no Ichi (The Year’s End Fair)

Holidays and Festivals

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