Bayushi Reiko - (DECEASED)

Beautiful and seductive young Scorpion.


DECEASED: Appears to have suffered from a secret lung disease, which was being “treated” with Opium; the disease finally killed her in her sleep

Name: Bayushi Reiko
Clan: Scorpion
Rank: 1
School: Bayushi Courteir
Insight: 135

Stamina: 2
Willpower: 2

Strength: 2
Perception: 3

Agility: 3
Intelligence: 3

Reflexes: 3
Awareness: 3


Primary Weapon: Wakazashi
Roll to Attack: (Trait/ Weapon Skill) 4k3
DR: 4k2
Quality: Average
Special Ability:

Armor: Emerald Magistrate Kimono
TN Bonus: 5
Quality: Excellent
Special Ability: Free raise to hide small items on person

TN to be Hit 15 (20 in Kimono)
Reflexes x 5 + armor + other mods:
Other Mods:

Initiative 4k1
Roll reflexes+Rank/School rank: 4/2
Current Initiative:

Calligraphy: – 1
Courtier: – 2
Deceit: Seduction – 2 (3)
Etiquette: Sincerity – 2
Investigation: Interrogation – 1
Lore: Heraldry – 1
Poison – 1 (2)
Stealth – 1 (2)
Perform: Sing – 1
Lore: Superstitions – 1
Kenjutsu – 1
Knives – 1
Meditation – 1
Medicine – 1

Mastery Abilities:

Glory: 1.2
Honor: 1.7
Status: 4 (Emerald Magistrate)
Shadowlands Taint: 0

Experience Points: 3 (2 spent)

Wakizashi, Tanto, Courtly Dress, Kimono and Sandals, Fine Mask,
Travelling Pack: Finger of Jade, Sumi-e, Personal Chop, 2 Blankets, 6 days of Rations, Umbrella (Red with White and Black accents)
Excellent Kimono (Emerald Magistrate) in silks of Clan colors with Personal Chop, School Mon, and Mon of Office

Monkey (male, pet) – Shinpuru “Shin” (Simple) (opium addiction), fine cord lead

Opium (10 doses), Instrument shaped like Scorpion, Jewelry Box to hold Opium, Fine Silk Scarf (black and red), Tea Set, Fine Kimono, 2 Hair Combs (one red, one gold), Sandalwood Chopsticks (with Swan heads), Courtier’s Fan (red with black and gold accents), Pillow Book of Poems, Sweets (4 Honey Cakes), Obi Pouch, Coin Purse, Fine Saki Cup (Black with jade frog), Tatami Mat, Makeup Kit, Exquisite red dyed Rosewood Hair Sticks (Shaped like Scorpions with Onyx eyes and stinger), Good Luck charm, Pillow Book of Erotic Tales,

Bedroom: Excellent Quality Bedding (Red with Black Trim, Patterned with Gold images of a Scorpion Ridding on a Frog), Several Excellent Quality Pillows (Red, Black, and Gold), Decorative Pillow (Black with Red Trim Patterned with Red Lotus Blossoms), Several Excellent Quality Decorative Fans, Full Length Mirror, Fine Quality Wardrobe, Fine Quality Chest, Average Quality Futon

Gifts: Small painting of Cherry Tree in a Garden, Small painting of swan floating in water

Koku: 45
Bu: 14
Zeni: 13


Reiko’s Mask

Scorpion (Good) Fortune (3): Favored Student – 3 points for skills
Heritage (Free): Heinous Deed – 5 honor and 14 koku
Heritage (1): Obscure Death – Ancestor died to conceal truth, 5 honor and Crafty

Dangerous Beauty (1): Irresistible to the opposite sex, +2 extra die on Deceit rolls vs men
Benten’s Blessing (4): When using persuasion keep 1 extra die, 2 if they are attracted to you
Crafty (free): Rank in Low Skills is considered to be 1 higher (honor loss for use still applies)

Compulsion: Opium (Low, +2) – Willpower or Honor roll to resist the temptation of the object you desire; TN: 15
Dark Secret (6): You harbor a secret that could ruin more then just your name if it were discovered; Sexual relationship with Kazuma
Insensitive (2): The three most important things to you are your Health, your Welfare, and your Interests; must spend a Void to put yourself at risk for another if there is not a direct advantage for you

Loyalty Rank 4
1) Clan
2) Sensei
3) Kazuma
4) Parents

Reiko is… Just a little bit different for a Scorpion, and yet oh so the same. Growing up amid the other members of the Bayushi family, she found herself idolizing beautiful Bayushi Kachiko, and wishing to be just like her. Of course, she saw only what others saw, the beautiful and dangerous seductive qualities, the proud carriage, the hunger for position and power… It is these qualities she strove to emulate.

Oddly, she also found herself intrigued by the Junshin Bayushi Yojiro. Though not TRULY honest and honorable, and with no TRUE drive to be such, she does strive to never outright lie. Her cousin, Kazuma, does that enough for both of them.

Ah, Kazuma. At first, they were merely friends, being of the same age and distant cousins. They grew up together, played together. And then, eventually, something changed. Their walks and talks became longer and more intense. Their time together was less about play and more about being together. Eventually, however, they began to have a physical relationship.

She does not really regret this choice, but she does feel an intense amount of shame. She knows it is not honorable, and if they were ever TRULY caught there would be hell to pay. This doesn’t stop them from continuing the relationship, however. It is this secret shame (she has never admitted her feelings on the matter to Kazuma) that drove her to experimenting with Opium. She doesn’t feel any shame when she is chasing the dragons. Reiko is not sure when it stopped being just for the high, and started becoming an addiction, but it did.

She is not sure what exactly she feels for Kazuma. She does not think she loves him, though she would be the first to admit she is not entirely sure what love is. She knows she places her loyalty to him above her own parents, and she desires him. She cares for him, and would be sad if something were to befall him. But is that love? She does not know.

In some ways, it was her intense desire to emulate the two most polar opposites in her family that likely led to her most shameful secrets. So far, she thinks she has done a decent job of keeping these secrets to herself. Only time will tell just how much her clan knows…

Bayushi Reiko - (DECEASED)

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