Kuni Sayuri (Deceased)

Extremely brave and outspoken shugenja of the Kuni Clan


Name: Kuni Sayuri
Clan: Crab
Rank: 4
School: Kuni Shugenja
Insight: 217 (225 to next rank)

Earth 3
Stamina: 3
Willpower: 4

Water 3
Strength: 3
Perception: 3

Air 2
Reflexes: 3
Awareness: 3

Fire 3
Agility: 3
Intelligence: 3

Void 4
Void Points: 4 (5 if vs Shadowlands)

Primary Weapon: Fine Tetsubo
Attack (Trait + Weapon Skill): 7k3
Damage: 4k3
Quality: Fine
Notes: 1 Free raise to dmg; Jade spikes bypass Carapace

Secondary Weapon: Strikes with Thunder
Attack: 6k3
Damage: 4k3
Quality: Fine
Notes: -1k0 on all atk rolls with weapon, but keep all 10s rolled for damage

TN to Be Hit: 32
Reflexes x 5 + Mods
Reflexes: 15
Armor: 7
Mods: Defense 10 (5 ranks x 2)

Legendary Ashigaru
TN Bonus: 7
Quality: Legendary

Initiative 4k2
Roll Reflexes + School Rank/School Rank

Calligraphy – Cipher: 2 (5)
Defense: 5 (10)
Lore Shadowlands: 5 (8)
Meditation – Void Recovery 2 (6)
Spellcraft: Maho 5 (7)
Heavy Weapons – Tetsubo: 4 (7)
Medicine – Herbalisim 4 (7)
Lore Heraldry: 2 (5)
Go: 1 (4)
Investigation – Notice: 2 (5)
Etiquette: 4 (7)
Courtier: 1 (4)
Divination: 1 (4)
Battle: 2 (5)
Horsemanship: 1 (4)

School Technique:

Crab Shugenja
Gaze Into Shadow – Any spells that have specific, unique effects on Shadowlands-Tainted targets (Such as Tomb of Jade) cost one fewer point when taken as Innate Abilities.
Anytime a Kuni casts a spell on a target known to possess the Taint, he gets a Free Raise. All Kuni Shugenja begin with Jade Strike as an Innate Ability.

Chuda Shugenja
Blood Like Water – When casting Maho, declare 1 raise to hide the corrupted nature of the magic. Make another raise to reduce all Taint gained to 1, or sacrifice 1 Honor to do the same.

Rank 1
Sense/Commune/Summon (1 free raise when Water)

Jade Strike – Innate
Force of Will
Tetsubo of Earth – Innate
Elemental Ward
Armor of Earth
Tomb of Jade

Fury of Osano-Wo
Fires That Cleanse

Path to Inner Peace – Innate

Rank 2
Armor of Earth

Reflective Pool

Rank 3
Tomb of Jade

Fist of Osano-Wo
Hungry Blade

Regrow the Wound

Rank 4


Hand of Jurojin

Glory: 7.4

Honor: 1.6

Status: 4.5

Shadowlands Taint: 2.4

Experience Points: 13

Wakazashi, Tanto, Fine Tetsubo, Strikes w/ Thunder Tetsubo
Kimono and Sandals, and Spare
Scroll Satchel
Coin Purse, Make-Up Kit, Small Go Set, Daisho Stand, Whet Stone, Small Hand Mirror, Kiseru and pouch of tobacco
Fine Quality Medicine Kit (50/50 uses)
Fine Quality Umbrella
Jade Statuette of a Crab

Koku: 84
Bu: 8
Zeni: 7

Distinguished Past – Battle Veteran (Free): 1 point of glory, free void point during battle vs Shadowlands

Dishonorable Past – Fooled (1): Ancestor was fooled in some way by a member of either the Crane or Scorpion clans, gain a Dark Secret disadvantage

Strength of the Earth (2): All Wound Penalties -5

Friendly Kami – Water (3): A water Kami follows you; 1 extra Water spell/day; 1 free raise when using Sense/Commune/Summon for water Kami; 1 per week perform a tribute or service for the Water Kami

Blessing of the Elements – Earth (4): Your true nature mirrors the strength of the Earth; Earth Ring and Earth Stats cost 1 less experience point to raise; spend a Void point to add 1 additional +0 Wound lvl for 3 hours

Insensitive (2): The three most important things to you are your Health, your Welfare, and your Interests; must spend a Void to put yourself at risk for another if there is not a direct advantage for you

Can’t Lie (3): You just cannot tell a lie, or at least not be believed when lying; no rolls needed they just know

Brash (3): You are incredibly hot headed and and likely to answer an insult with steel; TN 20 Honor roll to keep your cool when insulted

Overconfident (2): You almost never retreat to fight another day. When faced with an obviously superior force, make a Perception test TN 30 or you stay and fight.

Dark Secret: an ancestor was tricked into giving up the Kuni Family Cipher to a Scorpion.

Bad Fortune: Black scales form a scar.

Dark Secret: Chuda Shegenja/practitioner of Maho


She’s an outgoing, straight shooting, take no shit kind of girl. She’d rather DO than think, and any plans she makes have to be fluid and changeable.
She is incredibly prideful and can’t stand to be insulted. Insults are usually met with anger a fight.

The middle child of Kuni Anzai and Kuni Yuko, it was an easy choice for her parents to send her for training as a Shugenja. She has an older brother who went into training as a Bushi, and a younger sister who has not yet reached an age where she must find her path.

Currently EXTREMELY interested in Kuni Sato. Secretly hopes their families will see the value in an arrangement between the two.

Kuni Sayuri (Deceased)

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